Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Bears are off

It seems this year our government has been making stupid decisions or mistakes. Well it seems in my opinion have made another. Today I read on msnbc website that Bush has made the decision to take the grizzly off the endangered species list.
Gale Norton, Interior Secretary said, "A population that once plummeting towards extinction is now recovered." If by recovered she means that the population of grizzly is 600 then I guess that is progress. The three states that the grizzly is in right now is Yellowstone, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The government has decided to have a 90-day comment peroid before a final decision is made. Basically their still leaving time on the clock for anyone to take up the cause to battle this decision out in the courts. But if this decision goes through that means that states I just listed are responsible for the bears and can decide what will happen to the bears.
If this doesn't get your attention the Republican party wants to change the Endangered Species Act, making the government less responsible for the wild life in our country.
I believe our government is making a huge mistake. These bears shouln't be taken off the list just because the population is at 600. If the decision goes through this puts the bears in danger again, perhaps to the point where the grizzly won't be able to come back. To read more about the decison go to www.msnbc.com


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