Tuesday, October 25, 2005

American Hero

I was sad to hear and read that Rosa Parks died on Monday. She lived to be 92 years old and died of natural casues. It's really sad to hear that an hero has passed away, I believe she just wasn't a role model to Amfrican American but also to women. Parks wasn't afraid to stand up for her rights to sit on a bus after a long's day work like everyone else.
I remember learning about Rosa Parks in school and later on in my junior college. What was internesing to learn about Parks was that she was a seamstress and when she refused to give up her seat she was jailed. Unlike the other two women before her, were fined $14 dollars. Her arrest sparked a 381 bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama until the Supreme Court in 1956 said that segregation on transpotation was unconstitutional.
I hope that now Parks has passed away that students won't just look at her as a person that was part of the Civil Rights Movement but also a person who truly beleived in fighting for your rights.


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