Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Right now Iraq officials are counting the votes that are coming in, also at the same time some ballots from other areas of Baghdad are being delayed. Iraqi people won't know the end result of the election unitl the end of the week. However, Sunni Arab leaders feel that votes were fixed in Ninevah and Diyala, there is also a concern that the constitution will be rejected and split the country in half.
I'll a little concerned about the election myself. I haven't heard that much about it and I would like to see more coverage in the news. I'm sure right now our government is paying attention to the elections and looking into how the end result will affect America. I just hope that the end result from the election won't cause any more blood shed and also that the constitution will be accepted. I truly feel it's time to pull our troops out from the Middle East and take care of our own problems.


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