Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lord God Bird

"60 Minutes" reported on Sunday, that the Ivory Billed Woodpecker or "Lord God Bird" is back in the woods of Arkansas. It was reported and also recorded that the bird was exinct. But last year the Lord God Bird was discovered. The discovery was made by Gene Sparling, an outdoorsman who was kayaking in the Big Woods of Arkansas.
From there researchers from Cornell University secretly went into the woods of Arkansas to see if the rumors were true. The researchers taped sounds of the birds, and video taped as well and didn't reveal anything until last April when the researchers felt they had enough evidence to prove the bird is back.
I think this is really great news. It's good to know that a bird like Lord God Bird is making a come back into the world. Lately the news has been reporting hurricanes, earthquakes, and the war. It's refreshing to me to hear that an animal we thought was gone is still alive and hopefully will stay that way forever.


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