Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I went to www.msnbc.com and clicked to U.S.News to read what's going on in the country beside the the scandle that's hitting the White House. I found on the website that military recruiters are visiting highschools to try to enlist graduating seniors. Parents at one highschool, Bethesda, were angery that the military recruiters came and demanded that they leave their children alone. There's even a group Leave My Child Alone, based in San Francisco that's trying to make it harder for military recruiters to contact their children.
In spite of this the Pentagon has a launched $80 million dollar campaign to encourage parents to allow their children to enlist. My first question is where did the Pentagon get this money? Isn't the country supposed to be in debt? And why does it have to cost America $80 million dollars for this new campaign? I find this amount wastful when we can use that money to go to New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, or even to some type of research. I also agree with the parents that are protesting the recruiters that are visiting the high schools. I remember one time recruiters were visiting my junior college Saddleback College. They were trying to get people to sign up, one young man dressed in hippie style was told to go back to Canada. That remark right there turn me off from the recruiters.
What really need to happen in my opinion we need to end this war, send our troops home and leave the Middle East alone. But I know that's not going to happen.


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