Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gold Fish

NBC website or www.msnbc.com in the section of World News reported that round gold fish bowls have been banned in Rome. This new banned is in a new law that will sentence people for using these bowls for gold fish. The reason why for this new banned? Researchers feel that the round bowls make gold fish go blind and that there's not enough oxygen for the fish either.
I find this very funny, how do researchers know that the round bowls are dangerous to gold fish? What's funny also is that people will go to jail if they have a round bowl for their gold fish. Aren't law makers going a little too far with this gold fish debate? It's just a fish that is good for young children keep as pets and also for adults who don't want to deal with pets. I beleive in all honesty that this is a stupid law and that the law makers in Rome should reconsider this ban when it comes to animals.


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