Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Prince's Trip

Prince Charles is in New York City, it's been more than a decade since he's made an appearance in America. I watched an interview on 60 Minutes by Steve Kroft and I have to say I found the interview quite boring. Kroft was right away told by the Prince's media people that he couldn't ask anything personal. Personal by asking about his family, new wife, and if he's happy. My only thought to that was why did Prince Charles agreed to an interview? A reporter, like Kroft whose seasoned in interviewing people should be allowed to ask those tough questions becuase most Americans, like myself don't really know much about the Prince.
What I did find internesting in the interview was that the prince has developed a town on his own land called Poundbury. The town is located in Dorechestor south of England. I googled it and found a webpage, www.poundbury.info/236489.html It was alright, the website is promoting the town, they have several things for people to choose and look at, such as a newsletter, promoting local writers, what newspapers are saying about the town. Overall I thought the website was cute but I wouldn't save it under Favorites.


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