Monday, November 14, 2005

After the earthquake

I was watching 60 Minutes and saw a story about 13 doctors helping survivors after the earthquake that took place in Pakistan. The doctors are all from New York and wanted to help people, what surprised me was that the doctors are the only ones there helping the people. The story reported that after five weeks the earthquake occurred U.N. America and other countries haven't sent help for the survivors. The death toll has risen to 90,000 and there are people with no shelter not even tents for people to live in.
This really disgust me because these doctors shouldn't be on their own helping the survivors. Others countries, including our own should send some support. It doesn't matter if the support is in medicine, food, tents, blankets, whatever the support is, it should be there. I know that right now America is trying to get back on its feet after New Orleans, and the Gulf Coast but we should still be doing something to help the Pakistani. To read the report go to


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