Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Here comes the Boondocks

The "Boondocks" will be making their way to Television on Cartoon Network. The "Boondocks" were created by Aaron McGruder, who people might say is an angry African American. I've read some of "Boondocks" in the L.A.newspaper and have to admit I like what his characters have to say about our country. McGruder is not afraid to speak his mind about the government or how Bush messes things up. Recently I've heard in the news and also read in News Week magazine that the "Boondocks" will become a cartoon show. However, the cartoon was going to be aired on FOX, but there's been reports that FOX network was too afraid of the lanuage and content of the cartoon. So now they'll appear on Cartoon Network.
McGruder in the past has faced critics who feel that the "Boondocks" shouldn't appear in newspapers and that the cartoon is too racially charged, singaling out certain people. However, I believe people like to read what McGruder has to say about the world and about our governmeent besides hearing it from people like Chris Rock or reading "Doonesbury" So I for one will be watching the cartoon and see if it lives up to the comic strip. To see the comic strip on line go to a


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