Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Solar Energy to be voted

I was reading on a www.msnbc.com that a town Livermore, California will be voting on Measure D to have solar energy. If it passes the developers Pardee Homes will build 2,450 new houses that will be equipped for solar energy. What I found rather odd is that environmental groups and much of the city council are against the measure. I would think with energy prices going up and basically everything else going up that the environmental groups would see this as the right step to helping our planet.
The housing developer has promised to build 130 acre sports park, preserve 750 acres of open space and also build a new high school if Measure D should pass. I really don't know if Measure D will pass, however, the solar energy houeses and the porject itself does sound like a good idea to cut down on energy costs for California.


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