Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Panada show

It's been all over the news, Tai Shan, the fourth Panada cub and the first to survive in the National Zoo in Washington. His name means "Peaceful Mountain" He'll make his appearance on Dec. 8th, already 13, ooo tickets have been sold to see this little guy.
I've been looking at the pictures that photographers have taken and have to say this panada is pretty cute and it's neat that soon people will be able to see Tai Shan for themselves. What I've learned from the reports is that he's the fourth Panada in thr U.S. and that when Tai Shan was born the zoo waited for 100 days to name him. People voted on his name. I hope when Tai Shan makes he's debut that everything runs smoothly for the little guy.


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