Sunday, February 12, 2006


This weekend my college had a Homecoming event and so I went. It was fun saw alot of the houses and groups there supporting the teams. However, I only stayed for two hours, homework was calling, the never ending of homework.

Also I've been working on my socks and I'm doing pretty well with the heel only to find that I need 18 stiches not 22 on the needle so I'm reworking it and seeing what's going on. I also need to take apart my sleeves for the pullover, the sleeves to me look a little funky. The top is almost there so that I can shape the shoulder and neck.

Strands meeting went well yestreday. My sister and I joined Strands which are making hats and finger puppets for kids with cancer. My sister though is going crazy with the finger puppets, she's having a lot of fun putting together these little guys. The group is called Love Knits. Right now I'm making a hat, while doing my other projects. I'll be posting pictures soon of my progress, so look out for those.


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