Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hi everyone, it's been a while I know since last I posted. I'm done with the cable scarf, it turned out well. Now I'm finishing up my pull over and now I'm doing socks!! I found this yarn at Strands a yarn store in Dana Point and couldn't resist buying them.

I'm at school four days a week and so when I have breaks I knit in my car. The socks are coming along, I had to get help from the knitter shop becasue I wasn't casting on correctly. But now it's coming along.

Also Strands the shop I mentioned, is doing projects for kids with cancer, I'll know soon what type of yarn they need so if there's anyone that wants to donate yarn or help I'll let you know what yarn to use and where to submit the projects.

Well here ar the pictures my sister Emily took, I think they turned out well. I'll post again soon.


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