Saturday, March 17, 2007


I have been sick for two months! Which has not been fun at all. I have been doing papers, tests, this month has been keeping me busy.

Emily's gloves are finally done! I'll be posting them next weekend when things have settled down from school. I am now making Jun's gloves, I visted a store called Denware Studios. I bought a new tool for spinning and bought some nice green wool yarn and an ounce of pink fiber that I am combining with the brown for Jun's gloves.

I have the first part of my jacket done now working on the second. Also picked up a large ball of yarn to make Grumperina's socks which were featured in the this issuse of Interweave knits. I also bought some fiber from If you love to spin a dream, super wash merino a nice white.

Last night I saw a book at the Yarn Lady, that I am going to save up for, Spin to Knit, I saw this shrug that I want to make. True it's going to take some time to spin but I believe it will be worth it. Also from the store owner from Yarn Lady Gaby I bought two very huge fiber balls. I don't know what to make yet, but over spring break I plan to dye some of it and see what colors I can get out of it. That's it till next weekend.


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