Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Too Hot

It's been really hot here in Califorina, that for a few days I just haven't been posting because I was finding ways to keeping cool.

This past Sunday my sister and I went to San Diego for the comic book convention but we had a few bumps in the road. Our train was late, it was too crowded, and we didn't see or get what we were searching for. But I did find two Charles deLint books that I'm happy to report I have. Into the Green and The Fair in Emain Macha. The book fender who I go to for the books gave me a good price for them. Also I picked up some Witchblade and Fathom plus a few X-Men. So we walked away with a few things.

I just got the top done for the sweater now on to the sleeves, and I bought some yarn for Tall Mouse to make a shrug that I've tried making before. I'll be posting those pictures soon.


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